Privacy Policy

This privacy policy tells how we handle individual data and how things work here.
You are required to read it if you have any interest.

Our website does not use cookies for its operation. However, third party site that display offers on our panel might use it. So, make sure you don’t disable that on your internet browser.

Connection with Roblox:
We are not affiliated with the main game. We just have a group there where we play like you do.
So, don’t forget to say what we do properly. Don’t spread false information about our website.

Appropriate for Children:
Since the game is mostly played by Children, our content is good for them. What we offer is meant for them too. So, don’t tell your kids to refuse it if they need some resources.

Third Party Site Policy:
We don’t control how other sites handle your information. We only regulate activities on the three main page of this website.

This information was updated on 26th February, 2019. We will not notify in case we perform any changes.